EvoDrive ST-PCB



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The EvoDrive ST-PCB provides exactly the same performance and exceptional control as the other EvoDrive modules, but with interfaces and a form factor more suited to embedded, multi-axis systems. 

This means that in closed loop operation, your stepper motor will 
- Actively maintain position.
- Run silently and smoothly.
- Keep your motor cool – it runs only a few degrees above ambient.

Even when used as an open-loop controller (no encoder feedback), the EvoDrive ST-PCB still provides the equivalent of 512 microstep accuracy with exceptionally smooth current control, resulting in incredibly quiet and smooth motion.

The EvoDrive ST-PCB drives any bipolar stepper motor up to 3 Amps, from a 12V - 48V DC power source. The ST-PCB can use almost any incremental encoder for closed loop feedback (min 8 192 resolution).

The EvoDrive ST-PCB is easy to interface to embedded systems using UART, SPI or digital signals (PULSE/DIR and CW/CCW). This combined with the simple and intuitive ASCII based command set will accelerate your development time and reduce your development risk.